Here is an amalgamation of photos with attempted sorting. I've yet to thumbnail things so you'll need fast random access memory or healthy patience.
Researchers succeeded in making entanglement between a mechanical oscillator—a vibrating dielectric membrane—and a cloud of atoms, each acting as a tiny magnet, or what physicists call "spin."

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This is under construction, for technical reasons and the fact that my notes need gathering and proofreading. I'll get back to you.
mal·a·droit /ˌmaləˈdroit/ adjective: maladroit ineffective or bungling;clumsy.mollify; 3rd person present:

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About Me

In July '20, I gave 35mm photography a shot. I feel like digital photos have a linear saturation curve. On film, the saturation tends to plateau which can create a more unified look.

I enjoy the waiting period between taking the photo and seeing the result, the quality of the vintage equipment, and using Oxford Commas.

Photography is not my livelihood. If anything, this is a roundabout way to keep my website coding skills from stagnating. Regardless, this site doesn't look stupendous on mobile.

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